Audit’s Future — Fearful or Fantastic?

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The future will bring new challenges. The better at predicting what those challenges are, the better we can manage them. This half-day conference event will take a future-looking approach to auditing. Attendees should plan to walk away with new information about what is to come, and more importantly, what to do about it.


A Futurist’s View of Emerging Trends in Work and Technology

Taking a long view, this keynote summarizes emerging trends across several industries, while making a set of bold predictions about the future of work and technology. Attendees will be challenged to consider bold ideas, inconvenient truths, and will walk away with a firm understanding of the challenges and opportunities the future brings to our work.

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Forbes contributor and Featured Technology Futurist on CNN, Ian Khan is a highly sought-after emerging technology expert. A three times TEDx Speaker & Author, Ian has impacted hundreds of organizations in his career of 20 years to help organizations understand emerging technology and the steps they can take to create limitless value. A highly sought after expert, Ian has dedicated the last 20 years evangelizing technologies such as Cloud Computing, the Internet of Things, and emerging tech. Through his career Ian has worked with Information Technology startups, SAP EBS Partner Companies, and key Microsoft partner ecosystem providers. Through his two decades of working in the industry, he also gained a complete understanding of where organizations face a maximum challenge as his roles included Sales, Business Development, Management, to managing global marketing teams.

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Chad Factor

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New Risks, Top Concerns, and the Developing Challenges Facing Companies

This session provides an opportunity to develop “risk radar” by learning about newly discovered risks. Our new work environments and styles, new technologies, and the evolving landscape of business has resulted in new challenges. Attendees will learn which moves to make now to help protect themselves and their companies.

Chad leads the Global Internal Audit function for CBRE, the world’s largest commercial real estate company. His team provides audit services across CBRE’s service lines and geographies. A proven audit executive that oversees financial, operational and compliance audits, Chad specializes in process improvements, internal controls and project management.

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Productivity Hacks and Other Secret Weapons

This session addresses future obstacles to productivity and delivers a clear methodology for how to win. Attendees will learn tips, tricks, and hacks to stay productive. Make productivity your superpower.

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Robert King

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Robert is the Corporate Vice President and Chief Audit Executive at FedEx Corporation. He is responsible for leading the Global Internal Audit organization. His primary role is to proactively identify key business risks. He serves on the Audit Committee and on the Information Technology Oversight Committee at FedEx and has over 35 years of auditing, accounting and information technology experience.

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Panel Discussion

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Keeping Up With Future Fraudsters and Their Schemes

Fraudsters constantly change their tactics. This session will showcase fraud schemes and methods from the perspective of multiple industries. Attendees will develop an awareness of these methods and learn basic skills for detection and prevention.

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